Have you ever fancied hosting a party with a difference? Cocktails and Screams can offer you an exciting experience. Whether you choose an intimate affair with a few friends or an extravaganza, we can make it an unforgettable event. Do you want to go on a ghost hunt but are too scared? Or are you intrigued with the paranormal, and want to experience it, but you don't know what to expect? Our experienced paranormal team will be with you every step of the way. They will recommend the best option for you, explain everything, reassure you and calm your fears. We can tailor activities, days and times to suit your requirements. At certain events we will present the host or hostess with a gift voucher redeemable against our services or goods.




Spiritual, Psychic, Party & Entertainment Agency. Event Productions - design, catering, coordination, logistics.

We can tailor make an event to suit your needs and your pocket, please contact us with your requirements for a quote email

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Sand, Flower, Crystal Ball, Psychometry readings:

Full readings for a group of 6 people within 5 mile radius of the artistes location. You may record your reading (where offered).
From P.O.A. Approximately 3 - 4 hours (1 reader).

Evenings of Clairvoyance:

Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours or 2.5 - 3 hours. Stand up clairvoyance in front of large audience (not everyone will receive a reading) Q&A session available.
From P.O.A (1 Medium) For pubs, clubs, casinos, hotels, etc. We offer a 50/50 share on ticket sales. Please ask for details.

Mini Clairvoyant evening in the comfort of your own home or venue:

Comprising of a Clairvoyant demonstration and psychometric and photograph readings. Minimum 10 people, maximum 12 people (per Medium). Minimum fee for the evening is from £P.O.A. (per Medium) payable in advance. Everyone will get a mini reading. Our hostesses are rewarded with a small gift. *Please make sure that you have enough space for the Medium(s) to work comfortably.*

Family and Friends Psychic evening in the comfort of your own home or venue:

Minimum 6 people plus the hostess, maximum 10 people plus hostess. The psychic/medium will connect to the group first, then will give individual readings for about 10 minutes each. The hostess or host receives their reading for free. Minimum fee for the evening is from P.O.A (per Medium) payable in advance.

Experimental Trance Demonstration/Cabinet Work:

A darkened room will need to be provided for this work.
This is billed as an experimental evening being as we are never sure what is going to come through, for how long and in which way. There may be various voices speaking through the Medium, either giving information or for someone in the audience. There may be transfiguration (when the Medium's physical appearance changes to look like someone else). There may be other phenomena within the room. The experiment takes place in a darkened room, with the Medium seated within a portable cabinet (which can be examined). A red light will be used, so the room will not be in complete darkness. A microphone and amplifier will be set up for audio clarity (both audio and video recordings will be made of the experiment, copies of which may be available for purchase - please enquire). A projector screen will be set up and seating arranged for the clearest possible view of the cabinet. The audience will be allowed to ask questions before and after the proceedings. 2 - 2.5hours.

From P.O.A.

Clairvoyance Plus™© Afternoon or Evening:

Our Clairvoyance Plus™© Afternoons and Evenings are a full 3 hours entertainment which can be tailored to your requirements. Our most popular package is 1 hour of clairvoyant messages, 1 hour teach-in or demonstration with audience participation, 1 hour question time.

You may also choose from a range of two or three hour workshops, talks on various topics without audience participation, meditations, games or quizzes, psychometric demonstrations and much more, see our list of services and workshops

Clairvoyant Plus™© Evening 2 (ideal for pubs and clubs):

Clairvoyant demonstration to audience (1.5 - 2 hours not everyone will receive a reading). Pre-booked one to one readings at extra cost.
Finishing with a trance demonstration, seance, table tilting/rapping or workshop (venue suitability permitting) 1 - 1.5 hours. From P.O.A (15 - 40 people). One to one readings extra, per person (pre-booked).

An Audience with Brenda Diskin (and/or Friends):

An day or evening of psychic demonstration, ghost stories, tales from the past, questions and answers, pre-booked readings, healing and therapies, workshops, etc. tailored to your venue and requirements. An atmospheric theme night. Buffet food can be supplied at additional cost (payable in advance).

From £P.O.A (according to entertainment required).

Mini Ghost Hunt in your own home:

Do you think your house is haunted and would like to find out by who or what ? Are you curious to know why ghosts or spirits stay in certain places? Would you feel more comfrtable having your first ghostly experience in the presence of family and friends? The evening can be themed around you.

From P.O.A per person for a 2 hour investigation. Minimum 6 people - maximum, according to size of premises.

Ghost Hunt Night/Paranormal Investigation:

Demonstration of equipment, workshop or demonstration, vigils, experienced medium, other entertainment as required (including use of various séance tools).

Buffet food can be supplied at additional cost (payable in advance).

Prices, times and amount of people allowed to attend vary according to venue from £P.O.A (if you hire your own venue we will only charge for the investigation P.O.A. and according to requirements).


3 - 6 hour workshops. Various workshops available including: healing, Reiki, Indian head and shoulder massage, medicine/healing feather, medicine pouch, candle magic, spiritual development, cookery demo and lots more - please enquire. From P.O.A. per person including materials (minimum attendance 12 people for a 3 hour workshop and From £P.O.A. for a 6 hour)

Workshop evening in the comfort of your own home:

Comprising of exercises in spiritual or healing development, using the 'tools of the trade'. Minimum 10 people, from P.O.A per head. Minimum fee for the evening is from £P.O.A. payable in advance. A fun evening which will involve everyone, but please no alcohol at this one, as we will be working with spirit, not consuming it. Our hostesses are rewarded with a small gift.

Psychic Suppers:

If you have your own venue we are happy to provide psychic readers and mediums to give messages to your guests. We are also able to provide food if required. These events can be arranged with one medium giving messages to the whole room (not everyone gets a message) or one reader for each 6-8 people (everyone gets a message). If you have a restaurant or cafe we can provide the readers to entertain your guests while you are serving their meals.

Tarot and Dine Evenings:

Join our evergrowing list of clients who already provide these evenings on a quarterly basis. Venues around Sheffield and other towns include restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs and casinos (including Grosvenor Casino). These evenings are proving to be very popular and are ideal for drawing people into your venue on an otherwise quiet evening.

How the Tarot & Dine evenings work:
Casinos, cafes, restaurants and clubs prefer to do most of their own advertising and ticket sales as this allows them to keep track of how many meals or drinks need to be provided. You, the venue, can decided upon the ticket cost based on your costs plus the amount charged by us for providing our service. Usually most venues like to work on a 50/50 basis of ticket sales. We will provide 15- 20 minute readings according to what the customer is charged. We can provide as many readers as needed for the amount of customers who buy tickets, so that every ticket holder is guaranteed a reading. A small café would probably only sell around 16 tickets so would only need two readers, whereas a bigger venue may sell 40-50 tickets. The usual is eight readings per reader and we would expect a minimum amount from each ticket. The evenings are usually around 3 hours duration. If you require any more information you can contact me via mobile or email.

Psychic Marathon Nights:

Evening of tarot readings, therapies, psychometry, dowsing, crystal ball, etc, and mini workshops followed by a paranormal investigation. P.O.A.

After Dinner Speaking:

On various metaphysical, occult, paranormal and general subjects. £P.O.A per hour or part thereof.

Cookery and Cake Making Parties and Demonstrations:

In your own home or venue P.O.A.

Hire A Chef For A Night:

Host you own dinner party with a chef to prepare and serve the food for you. Prices vary according to menu and amount of people to be catered for.


Experienced DJ, Karaoke entertainment. P.O.A.

A Cabaret Evening, with Brenda Diskin and Friends (or other entertainers):

This evening contains serious demonstrations of psychic and mediumistic skills intermingled with comedy, music, laughter and a wealth of entertainment.

An evening of psychic demonstration, ghost stories, tales from the past, music, merriment, questions and answers, pre-booked readings, healing and therapies, karaoke, workshops, etc. tailored to your venue and requirements. Theme night and buffet food can be supplied at additional cost (payable in advance).

From £P.O.A (according to entertainment required).

A 50% retainer deposit will be required in advance please see our terms and conditions below. Payment of cleared balance, in full, required one week before event.

Terms and Conditions: Please read

Please enquire about our Victorian style Seance and Beatnik fun evenings.

We are available for:

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If you have an idea, we will try to accommodate it



Cocktails and Screams Party Nights

All the fun of a party with the chills and thrills of a Ghost Hunt.

You provide the venue and the cocktails (alcoholic or non alcholic) and we provide the screams in the form of an evening's paranormal entertainment. We can also cater for you if you wish. We can provide an adequate to lavish buffet for between £3 and £15 per head. We can even provide non-alcoholic cocktails for a reasonable extra charge per head.

We can tailor make the evening to suit your 'audience' and the type of cocktails involved. It can be as scary or as serious as you like.

Our fee is a mutually agreed flat rate (a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required in advance - subject to us keeping the booking. Terms and conditions apply. Payment of cleared balance, in full, required two weeks before event unless otherwise stated).


The basic evenings entertainment can include the following, the rest is structured to suit you and your guests:

Talk on and demonstration of the equipment we use on an investigation/ ghost hunt and how we conduct an investigation

Slide show and discussion of individual past experiences

Workshop, talk or demonstration with our medium(s) or workshop, talk or demonstration with our medium(s)/tutor(s) dressed in their 'Period' regalia

Setting up equipment

Mini investigation of venue

Question and answer session

We offer the following on our events Please state what you would like included (at NO extra cost to you):

Experienced Medium

Costume Tour Guide or a story told by our historical character in appropriate dress

Paranormal Stories

Paranormal Experiments

A fun packed evening of entertainment, murder mystery or mini paranormal investigation/ghost hunt of venue

Games and Quizzes

Props Loan

Given sufficient time your event can be 'themed' to suit you. We may already have suitable characters or costumes to suit your requirements while other themes may need to be started from scratch, these may take a little longer to plan and prepare.


Le Macabre

To book an artist or event telephone us on 07543677250,

email bren@brendadiskin.co.uk



Disclaimer: We make every effort to check the credentials and authenticity of all our artists. If you are at all dissatisfied with the service and/or artists we have provided please notify us within 24 hours so that we may investigate. Please note: Cocktails and Screams, its proprietors, staff, employees and associates will not accept any responsibility for any accident, damage, theft to person, persons, belongings or equipment whilst attending any function on your premises. You should ensure that you carry adequate public liabilty and personal indemnity insurance. The psychic services provided are for guidance only. They are in no way intended to stop you from exercising your own free will. If you have a sitting with a Medium you are reminded that 'spirit' can only advise you, any decisions you make as to how you conduct your life are entirely your own. The Medium/clairvoyant / psychic may give you information that could bring about positive change in your life but any choices you make are your own personal and legal responsibility. You have sought the services provided for yourself and assume full responsibility for your decision. In proceeding with a reading or sitting you are agreeing with the contents of this disclaimer. Please understand that all types and forms of complementary therapies are not intended to replace allopathic/traditional medical treatment and care. They are intended to work side by side with these treatments. Nor are they intended to replace proper diagnoses and/or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.
Therefore you accept that no specific results can be guaranteed by the therapist/practitioner and that any guidance given to you is for you to consider only. Any decisions and choices that you make as a result of that guidance or any consultation are your own legal and personal responsibility, both now and in the future. You take full responsibility for understanding and agreeing to the terms as outlined above. You further accept that the consultation offered to you is not intended as a replacement for conventional medical treatment, but is a complementary therapy that is intended to work side by side with conventional medical treatment. Furthermore, you accept full responsibility for your own wellbeing and for reporting your Physical and Psychological health to your own GP/family doctor/consultant. To meet with Government legislations we have to state that these srvices are offered 'for entertainment purposes only'.

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